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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute glenn: welcome to the glenn beck program. tonight, we have big news for 9-12ers. there is going to be a big march on washington and i'm going to tell you where i'm going to be on 9/12. it is going to drive them nuts i hate to point out that zimbabwe and this means, plus a new report out that says militias are on the rise. yeah. guess who they say is one of the top recruiters. yeah. the world is upside-down. here is my favorite. the president has made his pitch for government healthcare. yesterday he said this at a town hall meeting. >> people say, well, how can a private company compete
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against the government? if you think about it, you know, u.p.s. and fedex are doing just fine. right? no, they are. i mean, it is the post office that's always having problems. glenn: so that makes me want government-run healthcare? i guess the world makes more sense when you're reading from a teleprompter. if you think the world is upside-down, brother, you ain't alone. stand up! come on, follow me. hello, america. oh, it's quite a show tonight. yes. by the way, that wasn't the only gem from the town hall meeting yesterday. apparently barack obama still thinks doctors are all greedy cash-hungry limb-cutting monsters. >> if a family-care physician
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works with his or her patient to help them lose weight, modify diet, monitors whether they're taking their medications in a timely fashion, they might get reimbursed a pittance, but if that same diabetic ends up getting their foot amputated, that's $30,000, $40,000, $50,000 immediately the surgeon is reimbursed. glenn: and that's how the doctors get you. you would think that maybe the tweed men there in the white house would have figured out, hey, this didn't go well the last time they brought up the evil doctors that are yanking tonsils out of poor innocent children, maybe you shouldn't do it again. no, no. instead, the geniuses at the white house step it up. now, doctors -- see if i have this right -- are cutting the feet off of people for cash. wow. i haven't read that story
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anywhere. maybe it's about time someone in, i don't know, a media organization started asking why -- because i'm assuming the president isn't just making this up -- why is the president protecting the identity of these doctors? i mean, he must have information of all of these horrible doctors that are cutting the feet off of patients for cash. where are you getting those stories, mr. president? here is the one thing tonight -- where are the tough questions? hmm. where are the tough questioners? i will even settle for simple questions coming from simpletons like me, like, mr. president, can you name a single doctor that has ripped the kid's tonsils out or cut feet off of patients for cash? just one. name one. i know the white house watches. oh, believe me, i know. i have got a full hour. fax lines, phone lines.
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you know the number here at fox. give me the name of the doctor. you have about 58 minutes. the media has no trouble running withs false stories on george w. bush's national guard service or that george bush hates black people so much that he blew up the levies in levees in new new orleans, but don't forget about president obama talking about doctors cutting feet off, but how about he just gives us the details of the plan, you know, healthcare for all? yeah, but glenn, you keep talking about the crazy death panel stuff. this health plan is great for seniors. oh, yes, i'm sure it's going to be. i saw president obama say the government won't pull the plug on grandma. >> the rumor that's been circulating a lot lately is this idea that somehow the house of representatives voted for death panels that will
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basically pull the plug on grandma because we have decided that we don't -- it's too expensive to let her live anymore. the intention of the members of congress was to give people more information so that they could handle issues of end-of-life care when they're ready on their own terms. it wasn't forcing anybody to do anything. glenn: whatever. it is so comforting, but will the media ask the president about his comments from way, way, way back? i mean, we're talking about ancient history. back in april, when he said, quote, you get into some very difficult moral issues when considering whether to give my grandmother or everybody else's aging parents or parents a hip replacement when they are terminally ill.
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the chronically ill and those towards -- the chronically ill and those toward the end of their life are accounting for potentially 80% of total healthcare. you know what, mr. president? it is only a difficult moral issue for the government. you know, even barack obama knows what you should really do when he said, quote, i don't know how much that hip replacement costs, but i would have paid for it out of my pocket for that hip replacement, because she is my grandmother. well, why doesn't somebody else besides major garrett and jake tapper -- i know major garrett doesn't ask the questions of the white house, because he is never called on. i wonder why? why doesn't someone else besides those two call the president out on his blatant intellectual dishonesty? you know, which do you believe? do you believe -- hey, i'm not going to pull that plug thing, or, you know, old people's
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cost per breath ratio? which one? which one? you can count on the media to show up when sarah palin says anything. when sarah palin says she's worried about the prospects of her special needs child trying being at the mercy of death panels under universal healthcare. the media blasts her, she's a kook! why is that so ridiculous to ask that question after you see what we showed you last night about the czars and the people around the president and what they believe about children? when you look at what his closest advisors believe, how is that crazy? palin is not the one with the complete lives system, but obama's advisors are, and apparently, as the april interview revealed, obama is concerned about those old people as they soak up to 80% of healthcare costs. oh. it's such a moral dilemma, so these old people, i mean, sure, they have lots of candy around the house, but gosh
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darn it, they're so expensive to keep ticking, you know what i mean? of course. the rationing talk is all predicated on an emergency, or a crisis. yet, however, another question not being asked by the media is are there any foreseeable emergencies or chris cease in our near future? no, no, the stimulus has passed. haven't you seen, the economists >> all say it's over. we're past it, the worst is behind us. really? so we're not monetizing our debt or anything like that? no, no, because i'm sure the media would have reported on it. if the government were creating new money to buy government debt. that is, unfortunately, what the fed is doing. they're on its way, buying up over half a trillion dollars in government debt, and we're closing now, in on our -- what did call it today? oh, i remember, our "zimbabwe
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moment." we could never suffer zimbabwe's fate of hyperinflation and collapse? oh, no. what was it that turned those gnat ties into nazis? they were the vimar republic and then debt, hyperinflation and then nazis, but this is america. we're immune to hyperinflation or any kind of problems -- excuse me, carter -- that never happens here. david buckner is here, a p professor of organizational leadership at washington university. ben bernanke said we would never do that. >> he did say that, but this is a backdoor approach. glenn: so, in other words, they're being weasels about it? >> it is a backdoor approach. it is legal. it is just not communicated broadly, so people don't understand what we're really doing. glenn: it's legal in the way
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that the c.d.o.'s and all the things that got us into this mess, right? >> tech technically, yes. glenn: tell me where i'm wrong. this happened a couple of weeks ago -- this was last week this happened? >> yeah, last wednesday and thursday. glenn: so they sell all of our bonds, correct? >> correct, to the broader market, the primary buyer. glenn: they sell this and say hey, who wants a share of america? there were no buyers. nobody was interested, so there was a problem, kind of a tension last week, so the primary buyers did eventually buy it up. they buy 7-year bonds. they are long-term bonds. >> 7 years, exactly. glenn: after ten days, these people buy those 7-year bonds, and after ten days, they sell them to -- the federal reserve. glenn: oh, my gosh. >> it is coincidental.
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that is the backdoor. the fed goes in and buys it. the only issue here is that the fed had indicated in of advance that these would be in demand, as did the federal government, so if they're in demand, this is no need for the fed to backstop it, but the fed comes in and backstops it in a secondary market after the primary buyer had bought it, only within ten days. there is no evidence that there was any agreement in advance, but 47% of the entire amount gets reabsorbed. glenn: how did they do it? >> from the prime primary purchaser. glenn: what did they buy it with? >> with paper they print. glenn: what does that mean? >> that's the monetization of debt. they print money and exchange the money for the piece of paper that the government will pay them back at a later time. glenn: this sounds a little to me like exactly what got us into this. >> well, it infuses the economy with cash. that's what federal reserve is supposed to do. they aren't supposed to be buyers and sellers of cash, to put money in and take it out. glenn: how long does this
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system last? >> it depends on how much cash we put out there. if they continue to put out more cash -- we have two sources of cash. we have the president putting in cash from strim lus funds, coming from taxpayers and then you have this being printed. the volume of the double infusion of cash creates that fear of inflation. how long does it last? glenn: yes. >> at this volume, it is so grand that inflation becomes hyperinflation, then we have a problem. glenn: we have a problem, david, because if i'm not mistaken -- here, i have a chalkboard. if i'm not mistaken, the problem is we're filling, as the market goes down, we're filling all of this with cash. >> it's an artificial infusion or stimulus. glenn: the secret to survival is to know when the bottom hits. >> correct. glenn: so as the market comes back up, all this cash isn't
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pushed out, because that causes hyperinflation. >> correct. glenn: a, we're still probably going down here. >> no one knows, but agreed. we are on that trajectory. glenn: ok. so we have all this cash that we still have to fill in. that's all the stuff that we still have to sell. we still have to sell treasuries. we still have to get loans, so there's a lot more money coming. if this thing kicks back in, all of this money has to be sucked back into the -- pulled back by the treasury. how do they do that? >> the way in which they can do that is they pull back the debt. the government pays back the debt. glenn: how? >> there has to be an increase in taxes -- they really do pay it back. there has to be an increase in taxes that. can come through inflation. glenn: explain that. >> well, this is the dirty little secret of government that economists know and people don't talk about. would you prefer to make 10% on 100 dollars or 10% on 1,000?
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clearly 1,000. everybody says the government would not like inflation but that's not true because the government can collect many more tax dollars if we have inflation without raising the tax rate once. it's politically popular but it pulls a ton of money out. glenn: so how do you stop that cycle? >> there is only two things the government would do -- either tax more or hold out for inflation. those are the hopeful promises for people. ly say it again. they either tax more, take money straight out of the pockets of americans or hope for inflation where it will naturally pull money out of the pockets of americans. glenn: they will hope for inflation? >> they will. it is called the government temptation. glenn: so, david, yesterday i did a show -- did you see the show last night? >> i heard it. glenn: ok. i did the show and i talked about these crazy things that these czars are saying. they're talking -- the president is saying i'm not going to snuff out grandma and i don't think the president wants to snuff out anybody,
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but we have tough decisions to make, especially in government-run healthcare. >> right. glenn: so you're in government-run healthcare, and they are saying they will only do these things where they cut off the fringes, early stages an late stages of healthcare if we hit a crisis. is this a crisis? >> this is a crisis in that if we flood the economy with so much cash, like zim bach way -- like zimbabwe, once it starts, you can't control it. they can't mead qualityly -- immediately pull the water back. then the water floods out. glenn: is what is happening here -- does it have any relationship or feel to you, as somebody who knows this system, of an enron or these c.d.o.'s? i know you're saying that it is legal, but is it -- >> much of what enron did was legal or we wouldn't have needed sarbanes oxley to rectify it. they were doing things that were technically correct. they were not ethical, but
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they were technically connect. glenn: ethical? >> my challenge from a purely ethical perspective is the fact that you are waiting for these bond buyers to buy them in the primary markets and then coming around the other side and absorbing it. you either go out and buy them eventually and let everyone know you will absorb 47% of the market. don't tell everyone there is demand for this, or secondly, recognize that ten days seems to smack of something that is more planned. glenn: i've got ten seconds here. let me ask you this -- we're early on on this loan thing. there's billions of more dollars that we're going to need just to hold this thing together. if they're doing it this early on, what is our bond sales look like a year from now? >> that's challenging and troubling because geithner has already asked for the increase increase -- the debt ceiling to go up beyond the $12 trillion. these are bizarre numbers. when he is asking for this at this point, he has to get it or we don't -- we don't have
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an opportunity to absorb that so quickly, even if the markets come back in an efficient fashion. glenn: thank you very much. >> you bet. glenn: america, remember, the whole recession thing is over. that's what economists are saying today. good news, it's all over. anger reportedly fueling militia groups. that's what they're saying. they're also saying a few other things in this report that you need to hear. that's coming up. @=h
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glenn: a lot of people in this country are angry and worried that their country is being hijacked by czars, communists, socialists. i don't know, put the names on the list up there. there is runaway spending going on. people are feeling like their voices aren't being heard and now they feel like they're being silenced. well, that means a rise in right wing militias according to the southern poverty law center. dr. keith ablow, scientist and fox news law contributor is with us. keith, i have a real concern on what is happening with this report, because i think we're being set up, quite frankly. i think there are -- it is
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like they are setting the stage. am i crazy for thinking that? >> no, no, you're not crazy. it's good you have a psychiatrist available. i will tell you if you are going crazy. not at all. i will call you. not at all in this case. when people get to be tongue tied, glenn, what is the natural reaction that occurs? they get angry, right? and so they don't know what to do with that anger necessarily, and there is the risk that somebody would resort to a display of violence in order to express that person or that group he's feelings. it is very much to be avoided because it plays right into the opposite camp's agenda, to silence people and then paint them as crazy. glenn: exactly right. this is something i have been talking about for two years that there would be somebody, some nut job that would rise up, would think i'm a patriot and they will destroy the
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republic, but you know what? in this review, they talk about how i have talked about the government -- i mean, i want to give you some of the things they said. listen to the way they have painted this. "fox news host glenn beck who has called obama a fascist -- i don't believe i have -- a nazi, i don't i don't think i ha marxist, i have, even refloated militia conspiracy theories of the 1990's alleging a secret network of government-run concentration camps. i debunked those! i brought it up to debunk them. the original movement also had its mainstream backers but they were largely confined to talk radio, another sill lan, and today beck is just one of the well-known cable t.v. news p personalities to air fictitious conspiracies and other unlikely patriot ideas." gee, i sound like a bad guy. >> well, exactly right. what is happening is because you're speaking out, opponents
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of yours are saying, number one, that you're crazy, right, that you have conspiracy theories and you're delusional. the next thing they will say is not only that but he's violent. i can tell you from having run psychiatry units that the place it is hardest to listen to people legitimately is when somebody is headed into restraints or the quiet room because they become assaulted, so the way to get people to stop listening to you is first to say, don't listen. he is just crazy. and the second way is to say not only is he crazy, but he's violent crazy. glenn: so keith, give me the best advice, because i have been telling people on the radio and television, you go to these town halls. you bring a video camera. you make sure somebody has a record in case somebody says he threw a punch at me. you make sure you have the truth on record. the last thing you do is throw a punch. no matter how many -- because i have seen these seiu guys.
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man, they are proaking and poking and poking! they want you to throw a punch. don't do it. what's the best add size? is that -- what's the best add size? is that it? >> that's the best advice. when people say don't speak, you turn out in greater numbers at more places with more quiet persistence, and more questions. it's just as effective to say to somebody, you know, i'm sorry, i have to ask the question again, because i don't think, senator, you have answered it, but i don't think congressman or congressperson you have answered my question. let me ask it again. let them be the one to say remove that man from the microphone. he has asked his question too many times. i think less volume in terms of loudness, and more volume in terms of questions and people, that's the way you have to do it. if people accuse you of being loud, angry, crazy, you have to lower your tone, take a step back and say i'm sorry, there is a line of people
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behind me, i know that. there are probably hundreds or thousands but i still don't understand what you are saying about the healthcare bill. maybe it's me. glenn: keith, i think everybody has been saying that for a long time, maybe it's got to be me. help me out on this. i have noticed on the other networks that they are running a ton of anti-gun stories, like the guy who killed the women in a horrible story in pittsburgh, but they're still running that story, and they're making the poin over and over again "crazy gun person." i've seen a lot of these. then they are identifying all of the 9/12ers, the tea party, everything, crazy people, angry people. then they're showing -- or claiming that there are people that are nazis that are showing up and making obama look like a nazi, and they're all pointing out that's very dangerous. could we show the pictures of all the bush posters that were made? these were all the bush posters that were made.
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did you hear the media say these people were crazy or dangerous when they were holding up these pictures and putting them up on the internet? did anyone claim they were violent or crazy? then, yesterday, something they just clicked, cnn banned talk radio hosts on cnn, so you can't have any talk radio hosts anymore. what is that? what is happening here? why is fox standing alone? what is going on? >> well, i think that, unfortunately, what you have is a kind of retrenchment, a kind of siege mentality where the ideas that are being put forward very much as you see an analogy before like a parent who doesn't want to be questioned, just do what i say. i don't want any backtalk, and if there is, you'll be sent to your room. now, that's what's happening at cnn. go to your room. we don't need any talk radio show hosts because we're going to talk about the category,
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not individuals, because individuals have voices, glenn. but if we generalize a category, they don't have a voice particularly. they have to organize to have a voice and then they will be called an angry mob. it is a shell game. glenn: unless you're the alf cio or any union or acorn or anything like that. keith, as always, thank you. >> what a paper included as part of your healthcare coverage? i didn't think so. glenn has the story, next. hí
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>> i'm patti ann browne. a senator who has been facing tough questions from americans concerned about healthcare reform went back for more today. pennsylvania democrat arlen specter's town hall meeting was disrupted again with jeers and he tried to handle it with humor but got booed. the five italians killed in the devastating collision over the hudson river saturday were flown back to their homeland earlier. president obama awarded america's highest civilian honor to 16 recipients today. among the medal of freedom honorees, physicist steven hawkings and sandra day o'connor. bret baier now previews what is on "special report" tonight. bret: white house officials are collecting on fishy statements about healthcare reform. we will fact check the president's statements an
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official view at the new operations in afghanistan. join us in about 25 minutes for "special report." now back to glenn. glenn: well, hello, america. i have some good 9/12 news, a march on washington coming up in a few minutes and i want to thank you for watching the show. i know there are other things you could be doing at this time and i appreciate you joining me at this time every day. it's time, though, to use your head. we will bring you stories where people usually in the government are not using their head. today we have healthcare-related stories. great news for president obama and his hopes for universal healthcare. everybody is behind it, including the aarp! >> we have the aarp onboard, because they know this is a good deal for our seniors. the aarp would not be endorsing a bill if it was
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undermining medicare. glenn: ok, now this is interesting. we have aarp onboard. then the other statement is that they have endorsements. here is the problem with the endorsement. it is not true. the aarp says the president went too far in his claims. tom nelson, the aarp's chief operating officer says, quote "indications that we have endorsed any of the major healthcare reform bills currently under consideration in congress are inaccurate." press secretary robert gibbs said "the president wasn't trying to mislead anyone. he just misspoke." uh-huh, uh-huh. ok. aarp, i believe that, have not endorsed it. the other one was "they're onboard." let me ask you this. the c.e.o. of aarp -- there is a new c.e.o. there. did you know he was a big contributor during the campaign to president barack obama? and the aarp website now has a link to a project they're working hand in hand with
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seiu, you know, business roundtable and the national federation of independent business. it is like, one of these things doesn't belong. the seiu, if you don't remember, is the union architect of the healthcare bill. gee, aarp and seiu are working together, and the president, and the c.e.o. gave money to the president -- maybe the president didn't mislead at all. maybe he's just assuming that, you know, if they're not endorsing the bill, we have aarp onboard, and when you think of quality healthcare, you immediately think of -- come on, say it together -- a farmer's market, right? the government is thinking, yeah, well, of course, that makes common sense. if you have a farmer's market -- this is the way the government thinks -- if you have a farmer's market or a bike trail near you, you're going to eat healthier, exercise an won't be obese. i'm surrounded by bike trails
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in my town. the l.a. times reports a draft version of the senate health bill includes a provision that would include up to $10 billion a year for the prevention and public health investment fund. some of that money could be used to build infrastructure projects such as bike paths and farmer's markets, oh, we can get the fresh fruits and vegetables. honey, i'll be eating vegetables. no. i'm eating m&m's still. republican senator tom coburn offered an amendment that would have prevented money being spent on wasteful construction. the amendment, of course, failed, but don't worry. in a draft version of the house bill, it only sets aside $1.6 billion for community gantts that could include infrastructure projects, like bike trails. the fact is we don't really know what's in the final senate health bill yet, and yet we're debating it. we don't even know what the details are. even though it passed the committee on july 15.
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there are over 280 amendments that have been adopted now, and as the commit committee tells us, it takes time to redraft a bill. take a look at what was left out of the bill regarding research that compares the cost effectiveness for two treatments for the same condition. it is fine for consumers looking at best practices, but some argue this could be used to ration or deny care based on cost. i don't know where you get that crazy idea -- england? the canadian man who sued his government because the government refused an expensive drug that could have saved his life. he won the case, but he died. we have been told by the white house that that can't happen here. it won't happen. ok. canada, england, france, everywhere, but not here. as the heritage foundation research points out, three separate senators offered amendments that would have expressly prevented rationing
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by c.e.r. and those three amendments, yeah, they didn't make it to the next round. they were defeated. what's in the house bill? well, we are not really sure. only 1,000-plus pages. i invite you to read along with me. go to and type in h.r. 3300 and join in. it might make your head explode because it is so confusing that some might say it is by design. section 102c, limitation on individual health insurance coverage. one, in general individual health insurance coverage that is not grandfathered, health insurance coverage under subsection a may be offered only on or after the first day of year one as exchanged in participating benefit health plan.
5:39 pm
well, then. republicans on capitol hill say that that passage prohibits the sale of private individual health insurance policies beginning in 2013, forcing individuals to purchase coverage through the federal government. it did? hmm. well, let's turn to section 202d. come on, follow along. individual describes subject to the succeeding p provisions of this subsection an individual described in this pair gave is an individual who, a, is not enrolled in coverage described in subparagraph c through f or paragraph 2. i mean, i don't know why they don't read this and just tell us in simple language what they mean. the republicans now say this means members of congress, with existing federal employee coverage, don't have to join the new government-run health plan. i'm sick and tired of it, washington! you want government health? we try it on you first! because some of you guys are old and sickly. let's see if ragging works
5:40 pm
with you guys. i'm not saying all of this because the republicans are right and democrats are wrong. frankly, i don't trust either side, but remember, what investor warren buffett has said -- don't ever invest in something you don't understand. america, are you really willing to invest your future in a plan you don't understand? use your head. >> she's back! next.
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glenn: obama's disinformation czar linda douglass is back, resurfacing again to clear up any misconceptions you may have about president obama's healthcare plan. take a look. >> in this case, it was a bunch of clips taken out of context with a headline that said "the p president wants to
5:45 pm
eliminate private insurance." well, that is the absolute opposite of what he is talking about. glenn: hold on. it is completely the opposite. last week i introduced you to our own czar, disinformation czar, stu briggeer. >> right, that's true. i'm dressed like her because i'm a huge fan. she is very talented. she made the incredible leap from mainstream media reporter all the way to obama administration mouthpiece. glenn: well now we've got a problem here, because there is some things that don't really make sense. there are some things that don't make sense with healthcare, and is our czar ready? here he is, because he has to clarify some things on her disinformation. >> the disinformation about information from offices of disinformation. i'm dressed like this to give you your healthcare information in a way that's let threatening and more creepy, whichever way you look at t today we will look at
5:46 pm
something interesting from howard kurtz, talking to linda douglass, the journalist turned obama mouthpiece, owe owe obama mouthpiece turned obama mouthpiece and she was talking to howard kurtz about the healthcare plan and how obama seems to have avoided single-pair claims in the past. >> this is his position now. earlier he had a different position when he was a senator. >> he didn't have a different position when he was a senator. >> there is something i agree with. we did find out it is a little unfair what conservatives are doing. they are accusing barack obama of lying now. that sun fair. there are innocent explanations on what he was doing. for example, he could have been lying. or, for example, linda douglass could be lying, or maybe all of their statements are just filled with lies. i don't know. it's certainly very possible. in a case you don't have supporting evidence, i forgot that i support universal
5:47 pm
single-payer care, but this is way back in the day when we were at war with iraq and afghanistan. >> i happen to be a proponent of single-payer healthcare coverage, a single-payer healthcare plan, universal healthcare plan. as all of you know, we may not get there immediately, because first we got to take back the white house, and we got to take back the presidency. >> what we did learn is that he is a proponent of single-payer care, but the english language is an evasive thing. what does the word mean, proponent? we can look at definition. let's see, the dictionary definition here, which is, of course, a person who pleads for a cause or idea, an advocate, or we can go with lynn linda douglass' definition which is something like someone who doesn't support a policy but routinely says he does in front of friendly audiencess and cameras all while hiding his future desire to put out a
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less complete version of that policy. that happens to be more expedient." it could be either one. it is so complicated, "proponent." glenn: it is. thank you very much. steve rig rigier who looks oddly comfortable like that. your e-mails and what is happening on 9/12, next. for the kids, a better environment. for my wife, who commutes, no more gettin' jerked around on gas prices... and for me, well, it wouldn't be so bad if this breadwinner brought home a little more bread. repower america. i hope our senators are listening.
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glenn: america, i come to you, and you al how me into your home every night and you appreciate it. on the first show we did here, there are many things i believe that i shall never say, but i shall never say the things that i do not believe. i'm one of the guys, and you don't have to believe me or not. i don't really care. if you don't, why are you
5:53 pm
watching the show? but i will tell you the truth every night as i see it. i don't do this because -- for the fame, for the fortune. i'm a guy who bottomed out in my 30's. the only thing i wanted was my integrity. as a recovering alcoholic, that's all i wanted, because i realized that's the only thing i had, so when i bottomed out, i decided if i was going to put my life back together, hi to always say what i mean and mean what i say. it has put me into a place that has a great amount of spotlight. it does have a lot of benefits. it is pretty cool. it is a childhood dream to be working in radio city and now at fox news. it is a cool thing, but it also is the hardest thing that i have ever done, because every night i come to you and tell you things that i don't want to believe, but i do believe them. i believe our republic is in deep, deep trouble. based on our ratings, i think
5:54 pm
you do, too. i told you a few months ago about the 9/12 project, the 12 prince 3e8s -- 12 principles and 9 values t gave us a chance to connect. i also told you that i would tell what you we were going to do on 9/12. well, you have already done t there are 9/12 projects and rallies happening all over. the biggest one seems to be in washington, d.c. on september 12. i have been asked to speak, and i prayed about it, quite honestly forth last couple of weeks and then i went to fox and asked them, would they help me do my role? here is what i feel. i gave you the 9/12 project. it was your project. people put it together. now, i could go and speak at some project, and then hope that somebody in the media would cover, or i could play my part and i could stay here in new york, and not only cover washington, but some of
5:55 pm
the other big rallies that people want to go and be a part of taking their country back, so on 9/12, i will be anchoring live coverage here of the biggest 9/12 party yet, on capitol hill, on september 12, no matter where you are, there or here, we will see each other then. we will be back. n
5:56 pm
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glenn: we got a lot of reaction from last night's program. lisa writes "mr. beck, i wanted you to know how much tuesday's show meant to me. like your daughter, i am one of the "imperfect." it never stopped me from achieving. i spent four years in the army, graduated from nursing school and became the mother of triplet boys. i have come to accept myself as god as made me, just as you have come to accept your daughter as perfect as she is. and if 19 years as a nurse has taught me, if anything, did is that nothing is more powerful and healing than unconditional love. thank you for questioning without boldness an speaking without fear and reminding us how valuable we all are." lisa, you are welcome. keep it up. question with boldness, america. then attach yourself to the truth no, matter what it is, when it is the truth, don't waiver from it. then you stand up and spea

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